The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

in the article, "the ones who walk away from omelas," is about how people see the world as a very happy place. But they don't want to actually open their eyes and see what is actually going on. For example in the article there was this boy who was locked in, wouldn't let him out of wherever his was and the people who had him locked would go out in the world and pretend like nothing is going on. And in the beginning of the article everything seem so happy and peaceful. People would be happy they would have a good time. But the reality is that outside people act like nothing is wrong, everything is perfect and they don't want face what is actually going on.

Nancy Etcoff: Happiness and its surprises

We want happiness but we want more and more of it. One question she asked was how are we going to increase happiness. One way we try to increase happiness is by our thought, we think about stuff or events that will make us happy. Another way is by medicating ourselves like anti depression. But those things really don't help. The anatomy of the human emotion system is both negative and positive. We have both negative and positive system and the negative is way much sensitive. And one of the key points is that happiness and unhappiness is that they are not endpoints of a single continuum. The saying, less miserable the more happier we get is actually false, the less miserable, the less miserable you are. Happiness is not simply the absence of misery but its not put forward until nowadays. And the positivity offset is when people are above average in happiness. We are also born pleasure-seeker, an example of that is that babies love to touch smooth surfaces than rough one, it's s…

The Surprising Science Of Happiness

Dan Gilbert in the Ted Talk, "The Surprising Science of Happiness," explains how our minds work and the things we do in order to be happy or find happiness. Gilbert explains when the brain triple its sizes it gains structures and when the brain gets bigger its called the frontal lobe. He describes Impact bias which is the tendency for the simulator to work bad. He contrast that happiness can be synthesized and we have something that is a psychological immune system which helps us change the view of the world so we feel better. He suggests that we don't synthesize happiness because happiness is something that we can find will we are focusing on happiness. Gilbert proposes we should have our own preferences that will lead us into one future over another in order to do that we can't let our ambition take over because it will just ruin it.

Dan Gilbert in the Ted Talk talks about different things. One thing he talks about is the pre-frontal cortex, it does a lot of things…


Happiness can be seen differently depending on the person. Some people may think happiness means spending time with people you care or love. Others may think happiness is doing stuff that you like or love. Also it can be feeling satisfied on how your life is going. But happiness isn't about  being rich but not for everyone though.  Others might have some kind of other meaning to happiness For me happiness is doing things you like, being with friends or family, and food of course. Sometimes even being alone doing nothing but listen to music or watching tv can be my happiness too. Happiness is very important because it's part of who we are and how we act or treat others. It can say a lot about us. Some people may ask how can you get happiness but the truth I don't really have an answer for that, you just find it yourself. Maybe just have patience and control yourself might help. so many people may be unhappy because maybe other people just treat them really bad, or they don&…

Fav Place

My favorite place to go is Mission Beach or any beach. I love going there because the feeling I get when I get there is just so relaxing. It makes me forget all my problems. For example when I'm just having a really hard time at home or at school and I just go to a beach and just relax. Also I like watching the sunset especially during summer. The beach is the most peaceful places I've been to. It's a place where you can just sit their or lay down and see how beautiful it is, appreciate what we have. Sometimes I take one of my books and I read it at the beach or I just go in the ocean because why not.  The beach is a wonderful place to go to, it so nice, peaceful where you can just have some fun. I like going there more when I just want to relax and take a nap, read, or just look at the view. 

My Life As A Reader

When I was in elementary school I use to hate reading. It was the worst thing I ever had to do. I use to struggle reading in English since English is my second language. And now I like reading but not all the time tho. I like reading romantic, horror, and sometimes mystery novels. My favorite author is John Green, I just love his novels.  The book I'm reading right now is called, "The Christopher Killer" by Alane Fergnson. I found this book interesting because it's about this girl named Cameryn, she's about to be 18. Her dad works in forensics. And she wants to work in that. She finally convinced her dad to be his assistant. And they are working in a case right now and that's where I'm on at this moment.

Who I admire or wished to model

The person I admire a lot is my mother, she is always doing her best, since she is a single mother of three kids. She works every hard, every single day she works, just for us, her kids to have something to eat everyday. And sometimes when she sees homeless people she buys them something to eat or gives them money, and I really love that side of her.  I wish one day I get to model her since she is such a loving, caring person. Another person who I admire is Shawn Mendes, he is a singer and such a nice person. I admire him because he got to reach his goal and I remember when she started touring with Magcon, and now he's on his own tour and has sold out concerts.  Another person I admire a lot is my grandma too, because when my mom is working she is the one take cares of us, she's the one who makes food when we get home from school and dinner too. She is so nice and caring with me and my brothers. Also she is so hard working like my mom, because when she use to live in Mexico sh…